September Astrology and Recommended Links

Happy September Everyone!

It’s an interesting month for astrological energy. Lots of positive, as well as challenging aspects.

To give you some highlights for the month:
September 13th: New moon and a solar eclipse that comes with a right hook. Time to face a much needed overhaul and make the changes needed to gain control of your Life. Even small changes can have a big impact.

September 17th: Mercury goes into the final retrograde for the year (yay!) and it’s in Libra.
Also on the same day, Saturn moves into Sagittarius for the next 2 years. This energy will encourage thoughts of how we can make a positive significant difference in the world.

September 23: Fall equinox–time to balance your Life!

September 25: Pluto comes out of retrograde, bringing back hope that things will work out in the end.

September 27: Full super moon with a total lunar eclipse. It’s all about relationships, so watch for being implusive and emotional. Best to let the week pass before making any decisions regarding your relationship.

Read more about the relationship energy for September here:

More about the new moon energy here:

August 1st marked the mid-point of the summer. Autumn Equinox is September 23rd. This next month, with the sun still strong and brilliant, with light over-powering dark, is the time for you to make sacred and noble sacrifices. This is the time to tune into Lion-like strength, warmth and support, and open yourself to shedding and offering the “powers” that are holding you back. You must be honest. You must be thorough. You must be fearless.
It is not about asking others to make changes, or about forcing our sacrifice on others, as we see in suicide/homicide extremes. It is a personal and inner journey, to your own underworld, where you give away something you hold “precious,” and you turn it all over to something higher. Even the Sun-King has to trust in something greater than himself. Even the mighty Earth Goddess must acknowledge powers other than her own.

As always, some interesting, informative links to pass on:

Shamanistic Astrological Solar Birth Totems


Health & Birth Month

Retreat center listings

ALSO: I will be doing Soul Drawing Readings on September 26th in Plainsboro:

CALLING ALL CREATIVES! I am doing an Intuitive Art Workshop in Plainsboro on October 10th!
For more info, go here:

Hope to see you at some of my upcoming events!

Many Blessings!



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