November…Embracing Change

“……. We are here to remind you that you are creators. We come to you at this most important time in the evolution of your planet, a time of unity of Soul and Spirit in the physical body through the Light and the Power of your being. We encourage you to stand in the Power of One, as the individual Light that you are, to create a new vision for your world, a new Heaven on Earth through your individual expression of unconditional love for yourselves and one another. We challenge you to act upon life as creators rather than having life act upon you. Remember always as you are able to love one another” (Archangel Michael channelled by Ron Baker)

Welcome to the beginning of holiday season…cold nights requiring extra blankets and cuddle time, large feasts and parties with family and friends, holiday decor bringing sparkle and color to the bleak days we call Winter. Beauty and warmth can be found even with the trees bare and snow on the ground. It’s all in what you make of the challenges that come with change…that come with another season. As they say…change is the one constant.

We are all being pushed and pulled, or even it may seem held back or stalled. It’s requiring us to reinvent our Life, heal our past, seek our Truth and be our authentic self–your Spirit’s war cry of “we’re not gonna take it anymore!” The discomfort and feelings of being lost or angry is your compass to finding your new direction. The old ways of doing things just don’t work the same anymore. So, new solutions and directions need to be sought and fearlessly implemented. What have you got to lose?

I’m still seeking how to follow my calling and my Heart. I know more now than ever, I am here to use my art and my intuitive abilities to service others. I am cold calling to other holistic centers, looking into advertising venues and creating new workshops to generate more business. It’s been a slow, slow process. Though I have seen some progress and I am grateful…gratitude is so important! And I am grateful for assistance I have received from others (such as someone bought my lunch or dinner, a friend treated me to a workshop, my boyfriend put gas in my car and bought a few groceries…it all helps). Yet it’s still a puzzle for me to create abundant prosperity in the form of a job: a bridge to hold me steady as I grow my spiritual practice. I am on the journey with all of you, too.

I know spiritually, the only “mistake” you may make is just not taking a chance at a dream. Failure isn’t a mistake–it’s just a lesson. But you’ll never know if your dream can become a reality–and be successful–unless you give life to it. Sometimes you need to plan for your dream (my sister did for 10 years before opening her own beauty shop and she had some people close to her that tried to talk her out of it–so proud she listened to herself!) Some times you need to take a leap when the moment presents itself. But by all means, take action when the Universe leads you to an opportunity that calls to your Soul.

What takes me closer to my Soul purpose, to my joy? What takes me farther from it?

Take time this month to define your dream…tap into your Heart and whatever brings you joy. Look deeply at your Life and see where you would like changes to be made. Where is there resistance? Where is there blame, anger, hope, self love? Change starts with you and it starts within. As you change to what you want to be, with clarity and pure intention–Life around you begins to change, also. So, take time this month to look at YOU, imagine what you want to change from within, what brings you closer to self love and what would make your Heart grow. Be creative about it…be silly…be free! Dream…and dream large. I have faith in you.

Many blessings…Donna


This Saturday Nov. 7th at Center for Relaxation and Healing: Soul Drawing Reading in person

Saturday Nov. 14th at Aquarian Sun, Lincoln Park NJ: Soul Drawing Readings in person  Contact Suzanne at


Barbara Calvano (met this lady at an expo–she is an awesome Angel reader!)

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One thought on “November…Embracing Change

  1. ELLEN Bossinger says:

    Thanks for the newsletter. One of your gifts is your ability to write beautifully.

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