Season of Lights

“… your life is not a puzzle to be solved but rather a journey to be lived. You can rise above your mundane concerns and greet the profound with awe and admiration. You can rest in the benevolence of the great unknown. There are no mistakes, only lessons; whatever road you choose will eventually lead you home.”
~ Victor La Cerva, Worldwords

December and the holiday season is set to begin in full swing. Events to attend, family and friends to visit, gifts to buy and wrap, decorations to hang, and that tree to hang all those sparkly lights on… Whatever your holiday tradition, it’s the time of year for finding connection with others and spreading peace and light into the world.

It is also during this holiday season, as we are called to reflect on the past and our future, that many of us experience pain. For a season of abundance, I find myself conserving heat and electric to keep my bills low. I don’t feel I can give as much to charity and my friends for the holiday, as I have in the past. It feels heavy on my shoulders and in my heart sometimes…and at times, I can feel lost and depressed. I know what I need to: direct my attention away from lack, away from pain and out of the shadows…back into the light.

I know to be grateful for pain…without pain, I wouldn’t seek the Light. I wouldn’t grow, I wouldn’t find my Soul calling, my authentic self. I wouldn’t have as many long conversations with God as I have had during this time…and I would be still stuck in “old places” and not happy about my life. In this transitional time of my life, I am grateful for all the potential…for all the possibilities. That pain is pushing me out of my comfort zone and towards the calling of Light.

You are not alone…though it may feel like it most of the time. The journey may appear to be a dark, winding road now…so dark it is difficult to even see your hand in front of your face. But the sun eventually will rise. And then you will see the hundreds of other travelers in front of you, behind you and on either side. Reach out to someone this holiday…someone you haven’t in a long time, someone you don’t know very well. Listen to their story…and you will learn, you are not alone. And you will learn how to support one another. And you will give the gift of compassion to each other. This is a step towards peace on earth, goodwill towards all.

May this holiday season shine all of it’s Magic, open Hearts, heal Spirits and bless you with abundant Peace, Joy, Faith, Prosperity and of course, Love. It only takes one candle in the darkness to guide us. May you find your Light and it may it burn brightly, leading you to your highest aspirations and dreams come true.


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One thought on “Season of Lights

  1. Barbara says:

    Happy Holiday!!! Thanks for sharing!

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