Love and Relationships

Happy February, the month when we celebrate the Heart and our love connection with others. It’s interesting we celebrate warm hearts during a cold month, with spring just around the corner. How loved do you feel in your Life?

Some people, no matter how much love we send, still don’t feel the Love. These are people who know a lot about what Love is not, yet seek to find what Love is. They may also be prone to pushing away the very thing that they want–and not understand why it still feels out of reach. As spiritual beings we are told we are all Love and that Love is all there is. So why so many lonely hearts? Why does it seem available to some people, but so difficult for others?

I read many books and articles on the subject of Love and relationship. I also have my own experiences and still search for higher Love in my relationship. An interesting story of “The Man Who Didn’t Believe In Love” bears sharing:

It’s also a long lesson that all starts with YOU. You have to love yourself, value yourself, be a good friend to yourself. KNOW yourself and accept yourself, shadow and all. What is the script you play in your mind about who you are?

I see couples all the time where I wonder how an average person got a drop-dead gorgeous person to love them. Watch the body language, listen to their interaction. There is confidence and a belief in that “average” person that they are worthy of Love. That person is open to possibilities. They know what a loving relationship looks and feels like to them and they know their deal breakers. They also know their partner well and accept them as they are. There are healthy boundaries, with flexibility and freedom in the relationship to grow and explore life goals independently, with the support of their partner. There is also an ability to be compassionate to their partner while being detached from drama during trying times. Lastly, there is mutual respect, complete trust, deep connection, laughter, forgiveness, openness and clear communication. (I do envy them as I would love to follow them for a week and learn deeply!)

We are all worthy of Love…we are all Love…we were created by Divine Love, regardless of what circumstances we are born into. Healing our relationships starts with healing yourself. Be willing to let go of relationships that no longer serve you. Be willing to surrender to the Universe when relationship struggles are too great. And remember to stand back, detach and ask: what can I say or do, to be the most loving to my partner/child/parent/friend in this moment and still be loving to myself? (No victim or martyr mindset anymore.) Be willing to shine your Light and invite in people who reflect back the beautiful being that you are. You are a priceless treasure.

Notice the love around you, even if it appears small at first. It can start with your pet, or the love from flowers in your garden, or the good feelings of sunlight on your face as Nature gives back to you. It can move onto a smile from a stranger, dinner with a friend, a long talk with your sister. Then from your child, your parent or your romantic partner. Notice I didn’t start with your love interest first? When we surrender too much of our world into the hands of one person, it’s a lot of responsibility we have placed on them. It also creates a block to the other sources of Love we have in our space, all around us, every day. Love is created and felt by all the little things, but none are any less profound. Look at your every day world…where do you receive and feel Love? Do you recognize it? Do you savor these sources of Love?

I wish you all the sparkle, joy, creativity, laughter, magic, simplicity and profoundness of Love in your Life. May it be abundant, expansive, enlightening and glorious. Put your Heart out there and believe Love is there…you are worthy…and that you are open. Trust you will recognize Love when it dances before you, inviting you to join in.


Love and Astrology:


To Get Someone to Call You
Take a piece of parchment paper and inscribe the name of the person you wish to have contact with.  Write it in a circle twice, so the ends meet.  As you do this, concentrate on the person’s face and your desire for them to call you.  Then, while concentrating, insert a needle through the center of the circle created by the name.  Place the charm by the phone.

The call will come within five minutes, five hours, or five days, depending on how much energy and intention you put into the spell.

Angels Guide Us: From Doreen Virtue:
Here are four quick ways that you can get the answers you seek:
While You Sleep. Getting answers always begins with prayer and the willingness to hear an answer which may differ from your expectations. The easiest way to do this is to pray for answers as you’re falling asleep. God can reach our mind much easier when it’s quiet, such as when we’re meditating or sleeping. While we’re asleep, our ego is also sleeping. This means the ego won’t argue with or doubt the Divine guidance we’re receiving. So, simply pray for answers. When you awaken, your answers will be in your mind.

With Fresh Air and Exercise. One of the reasons why our guardian angels are always urging us to exercise and go outside in nature, is because these conditions help us to better hear our Divine guidance. Nature is God’s church, where you can immerse yourself in the pure energy of Creation. A long time ago, the angels told me that Divine guidance is carried upon the molecules of fresh air. The more fresh air we can breathe, the more we can hear God’s guidance. This is also the reason why guardian angels guide us away from any habits which could impede breathing fresh air, such as detoxing from smoking, and avoiding airborne chemicals. I’ve found that cardiovascular workouts are a great way to clear the mind of worry, anger, or other ego energies. By the end of a workout, you feel less stressed. Deep breaths rejuvenate you, and give you clarity.

Near Water. The negative ions of running water is one reason why you receive great answers and clarity while taking a shower. Any time you’re in or near the water (lakes, rivers, beach, sea salt bath, etc.) it’s easier to hear the loving voice of God. Energetically, water is a feminine and magnetic element. This means that it naturally boosts our receptivity, much like the effect of a full moon increasing our psychic abilities. Similarly, you can hold your glass or bottle of drinking water, and infuse it with positive intentions which will boost your spiritual connection when you consume the water.

Cards and Apps. Oracle cards are a “no-brainer way to talk with Heaven,” as they bypass the ego’s defenses, such as doubt or skepticism. The cards operate purely on the Law of Attraction, and the right card is always magnetically drawn to you based upon the question you asked. I was amazed when I first tried the App form of my angel cards. I honestly didn’t expect the Apps to work as well as the physical cards. But when I was on an airline flight and needed clarity on a situation, I only had the App version of the cards with me. So I gave it a try, and I was blown away by the accuracy and sensitivity of the Apps! Now, I use the App versions of my cards when I draw a daily card for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.







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