April’s Fool


We always think of the Fool as someone not very smart, very naive and always getting into some mess or trouble due to their lack of awareness and caution in Life. But if I were to reference the Tarot card of the Fool, it can mean some positive things. The Fool is also open and looks at Life with wonder, not letting the past get in the way of one’s dreams and aspirations. This card can also represent new beginnings–which I would welcome, as Life appears to be stuck for me at this time! This is also the first card in the deck, which can prompt us to look forward and plan ahead…where do we want to go? Create…experience? It’s the card of creating a vision from your Heart, not your intellect.

This month is about duality and riding “waves”. (Our weather lately is illuminating the energy accurately!)  I found two quotes to keep in mind as we hold on to this bumpy ride into spring:

Action is creation, and creation is Love, and Love is the way of the Universe.

Albert Einstein. “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle”.

At this time, we are all being asked to review our fears, be our true selves and have faith in something greater than ourselves. Pay attention: thoughts become things. Thoughts become beliefs, become energy, become reality. This isn’t about not being human or never having a negative thought. It is about awareness and being selective as to where we give our energy to and how we have created our beliefs. It’s time to dig deep and really see ourselves, and also love ourselves as we truly are–not what we have been taught by other people or a negative experience. We have an opportunity to forgive the past, forgive ourselves and create more positive, supportive, nurturing beliefs and positive patterns in our lives. (Me too!)

So if you feel like a “fool” at any time this month, step back and choose with awareness which belief you will have about that moment–again, it can be a gift!

I hope this helps everyone to ease into this month. We all have our own personal experiences and we all read things differently. Whatever your Life’s experiences, know you are valued, a creation from the Spirit of Love, a Master in Life and the world would not be the same without you here. Blessings to all of you from the highest place in my Heart.

Links and Resources:

Great 5 minute meditation to start your day:


We are could use the Angel’s help with Abundance:


Interesting group Spiritual participation. I did do this one in the past. Sharing if anyone would like to do this with their family or friends:

Hosting the Archangels

I will be doing Soul Drawing readings at Pat Parente’s on Saturday, April 30th. You have the reading with me and then additional guidance with Pat, as she channels an Angelic message for you! Contact and price into is on Pat’s website above.



One thought on “April’s Fool

  1. Vicki says:

    I have always looked at the fool as a brandy new soul just beginning the journey. So many wonderful things to learn and so many wonderful adventures. Life is a journey to wisdom and until we have acquired some, we all look a bit foolish on the journey. And that is fine with me. It’s just all part of this wonderful journey we are taking in this physical world.

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