Happy Independence Day! It’s the Heart of summer…embracing sunshine, finding relief from the heat, looking to connect with friends and being a part of a crowd attending community celebrations. So, how do you define freedom for you?

For me, it’s finding freedom from the attachments and beliefs that have held me back for too long. It’s forgiving myself for past mistakes, seeing failures as lessons, being open to learning who I am and having faith I am guided to what I need to do and authentic about who I am–all parts of myself. That I am worthy of the best Life has to offer–and it is already here. I also still engage in the process of forgiving others…my last boyfriend for cheating, my parent for being absent at trying times when growing up, a friend who let me down and some friends who are no longer in my Life without a good bye and though I know it’s because we are in different places and we no longer serve each other…it can still feel like a hole that hasn’t yet closed. (Such a good lesson in learning to accept, detach and go with Life’s flow.)

Many of us have lived with guilt, others expectations of us, a loved ones concept of what’s best for us…and it stops us from our full potential. Many of us have too high expectations of ourselves, impossible expectations of others we “love”, illusions and excuses for relationships that aren’t healthy or for our highest good…because deep inside we believe no one else will love us, or letting go means we failed and once again find ourselves alone. We build our excuses, write our stories, build our cages around ourselves. Is that freedom to be? Is that living? Are we our true self?

Life is about creating our experience…so what are you creating? It’s about learning who we really are…so who are you, truly? We need to discern our personal consciousness from the global consciousness. Change and true freedom begin from within. When you know clearly what you want, accept clearly who you are and can come from the freedom to be YOU, then whatever does not conform to your platform will fade so that new and more fitting people, places and situations can come in. There is a leap of Faith being called for here. Trusting it will be freeing to be in your truth…to love who you are as you are. BE (action) the change you wish to see…when you are in alignment with your truth, your world will change accordingly. It may take time to grow roots–but it will be set in motion.

So, please see how you let outside beliefs and influences keep you from your freedom to be. See how you CAN make positive changes to yourself and your Life. (Small steps to start are fine!) Note how you may create well-intended cages for others in your Life you care about–but keep someone from their freedom to find their own path. Recognize how you may be letting others drain you of your energy and Heart by taking on their drama and challenges as your own, when the best support you can give is what can bring you balance…if you’re not in balance for yourself, how can you be balance for someone else? Only they can discover their true self and what is best for them. You can give support and guidance, love without judgement…but not take on their problems. You have every right to be in freedom…which is joy, truth, ease, peace and calm.

I wish for you the FREEDOM to create joyful change in your Life, to be authentic in your TRUTH and to LOVE yourself and all aspects of your world. You are powerful…a drop of water in a pond goes quite far. Thank you and I honor you! Have a blessed weekend honoring positive change…let freedom ring!

Blessings, Donna








2 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. Vick says:

    It often feels as though freedom is just out of reach. When you work hard to restore your self confidence and believe in your place in the Universe, you are suddenly reminded that you have to be a responsible adult. Providing for a home means working for a living, running errands, making dinner, doing the laundry and the list goes on. By the time one gets to the end of the to do list, they often find they forgot to put themselves on the list and are now too exhausted to enjoy “me time”! That is my lesson to learn on the road to freedom.

    Thank you Donna,

  2. Audrey Oxenhorn says:

    Have a great weekend. All is good. Love audrey

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