Human Spirituality


Sitting with arms open, legs crossed and the deep chant of OM…the scent of incense, the feeling of Lightness and Joy, deep Peace and connection to the Divine…feeling fully present and filled with Love for the whole world…everything in my Life is as it should be and I am in awe of my path in alignment with the Universe…

Yep, that’s a snippet of the image some of us have of a spiritual person in alignment with their spiritual journey. That everything else is just a sign how off the path we are, how out of touch with the Divine we are…and how much we just suck at being a spiritual person, right?

Not everyone gets to be a guru, sitting on a mountainside apart from the world, giving profound insight about G_d and how we should be living to gain eternal enlightenment. The gurus may be here to bring insights of the Divine to our world, but the rest of us are the ones making Life happen. What does it look like to you, to be Spiritual, as you are, in the present moment?

Enlightenment looks different for everyone. It is sought for differently by everyone. It arrives differently for everyone. We are ALL on the path to enlightenment–we are ALL spiritual. No exceptions. That’s an important fact to remember, when your neighbor is cutting their grass at 8am on Sunday. Or your boss barely grunts a good morning response to you, no matter how many times you cheerfully say it to him : )  It’s a human response wanting to scream choice four letter words over the fence or to daydream outshining your boss and getting his job. Call that being spiritual? Key point: you are a spiritual being having a human experience. That’s why we are here. To create, to experience, so that we expand and seek the divine.

So it’s not about “how hard” you work to be spiritual (you may even be trying too hard), nor how many rituals or prayers you say or the number of books you read, or how many retreats you attend that make you more connected to your Soul. Of course, keep growing, keep praying, keep learning. But also learn about BEING and BECOMING AUTHENTICALLY YOU. YOUR BEST SELF. Discover who you truly are and love yourself as you. It’s about shining your Light everyday in a million little ways (and that is good enough, when it’s all you can do, right now)…it’s being kind to yourself, forgiving of yourself and having faith in yourself. Honor your human spirit and your story, which you are creating every day. (What are you “writing” with your thoughts, words and actions?) Acknowledge that others are also creating their story. Share your stories. It will help you to embrace and understand each other. It will help you to better support each other and see the Divine Spirit in each other, even on a “bad hair” day.

Ask yourself, “How do I see myself as Divine?” Are your Divine goals kind and supportive to you, and others? Are you open to your Divine connection? Do you have faith in yourself as Divine and allow this energy to flow, as is, while accepting your human qualities?

Where can you begin?

REIKI PRINCIPALS: Just for today, do not anger…Just for today do not worry…Just for today honor your parents, teachers and elders…Just for today earn your living honestly…Just for today show gratitude to every living thing.

Take it one day at a time, one step at a time and aspire to Human Spirituality, which is the Divine Spirit you already are!

Many Blessings,



An Archangel Michael Prayer For Guidance, Protection & Support




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