What if…..

I’m not good enough…I’m not qualified enough…not pretty enough…not thin enough…not strong enough…not rich enough…not smart enough…not creative enough…original enough…what if I’m not lovable…fun enough?…will ever be happy enough…what if I never meet the One Love for this Lifetime?…what happens if I stay stuck in negative patterns?…how can I get rid of this dark cloud following me?…what if no matter how hard I try I don’t heal my heart?…what if I grow old alone?…if I miss that grand opening of opportunity in my Life and it passes me by?…what if I don’t recognize an Angel if I see one?…what if my parents never really wanted me to come into this world?…what if following my dreams I lose it all?

False Evidence Appearing Real

What if…

I’m better than good enough…my skills are an exact fit for an awesome new opportunity…I’m stronger and more courageous than ever…I receive recognition for being original and creative…I forgive myself and fully heal my mind, body and heart…that I open to Love as a possibility for me and I don’t have to settle…that I truly Love myself and can have healthy, supportive, loving relationships with others…that I do have clarity and can trust my intuition to guide me…that the Universe supports me always and brings a continuous flow of opportunities for my Lifetime…I was meant to be here and I make a difference in the world…that my Life and Soul are filled with joyful experiences…I feel fulfilled by enjoying being with me…that I see an Angel every time I look in the mirror and into the eyes of each Soul that I meet…that I follow my dreams and can have it all and beyond my wildest imagination?

Reality is an interesting mirror of beliefs, lessons, needs, and growth. As we continue to learn how we create our reality and actively participate, we begin to learn what we truly wish to experience and how to obtain it. There’s our perception of our reality and the bigger picture of our reality. Start with finding your truth, feeling it in your Heart then seeing it in your daydreams. Notice what you are focusing on: such as instead of purely manifesting money perhaps focus on manifesting abundant prosperity and more value in your Life. And set that intention out to the cosmos as if you have already received it “I am experiencing abundant prosperity and value in my Life”. Remember to express and see gratitude in the present moment. And check in that your intentions are not filled with the energy of desperation or fear. Keep it as clear as possible. Trust the Universe will support you and allow for the time and process to occur. It may show itself in small steps at first, but you will get your signs that manifesting is occurring.

Does this mean don’t get angry at God? Don’t cry? No time for questioning “why me”? We are human after all. Yes, Spirit understands your frustration. Anger expressed constructively can be a forward moving energy. Tears need to fall sometimes as we all need to release. And by all means, ask questions–seek answers. It’s knowing that during the dark night of the Soul, which many people see themselves in right now, that you are still in your power, you are still supported and there are still endless possibilities. It’s working with what you’ve got right now-to succeed the best you can in this moment. To build up your reserve of joy and give yourself moments of relief as much as you can. Cultivate hope and faith in yourself-never give up on you.

I believe in you-and your dreams. Thank you to all for your support and belief in me. Sending you blessings for an awesome new beginning to all who are seeking.


September has a lot of powerful astrological energy, including a 9999 portal opening. Read on to get a sense of the energies we can work with this month, about the current mercury retrograde and the major portal opening: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/september-2016-month-of-major-transformation_us_57c64294e4b07addc40fc3f8

Great sharing of an experience: http://onespiritinterfaith.org/listen-learn-by-rev-kathy-bozzuti-jones/

Bruce Lee had great insight and discipline: https://www.brainpickings.org/2016/08/01/bruce-lee-notebook/

What is success for you?: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mimi-zheng/how-to-live-the-life-you-_b_11194126.html?utm_hp_ref=when-to-jump

I swear by Abraham Hicks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xWcONUYomg





6 thoughts on “F.E.A.R.

  1. Maureen B says:

    Beautiful message and I hear Abraham Hicks in there! I love starting the month with your greetings of positive vibes and love. I had a reading with you last May and it has honestly- changed my life. I can’t thank you enough! (It also led me to discover Abraham Hicks which is so powerful!)

  2. donnaarusso says:

    Thank you Maureen! You are wonderful and I appreciate the feedback. Keep shining your beautiful Light.

  3. Vicki says:

    Thank you Donna. I’m currently in a struggle with myself trying to learn to release the fear and not, as I have always done, push it to the back and ignore it. I will get there but one doesn’t flip a switch after all these years! Reading your words helps my journey move forward!

    • donnaarusso says:

      Hello Vicki! I’ve always seen your Spirit as the seeker and master. You are right…it doesn’t happen overnight. Life will continue to create contrast. But as you continue to use your truth as your sword, you will conquer and be victorious. I assure you, as you seek, you will find your Light. Many, many blessings to you! Thank you for your comments.

  4. Kent says:

    So very nicely written ! On a side-note, F.E.A.R. is actually a video game’s name developed more than a decade ago. 😛

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