The Blank Page

We were all a blank page once in the eye of the Creator. Our Creator filled us with star dust from the Milky Way, some Fairy dust from several large meadows, fire from the Sun and Air from the bluest skies. Then Creator set us each with intentions for each lifetime: learn to nurture another by becoming a mother, learn the value of freedom by becoming a soldier, uncover the secrets of the earth by becoming a scientist, be amazed at the power of numbers by becoming an accountant…and so on… And then the important purposes we were created for: have the passion and insight to always seek your personal truth, become keen in seeing what is real and what is an illusion, learn what is love and what is not, value yourself and know your worth, show compassion to yourself and others, stand in your personal power with integrity and self love, see Me in all things…in all moments…know yourself and love yourself, so that you may know Me and my deep pure love for you.

Then we were born into this life, set with intentions, set with our missions, armed with our heart and our intuition, which are always connected back to the womb of the Universe. Our Creator only wrote the first page of our Book of Life. The rest has been given to us to create as we please. So, the question now is…how am I doing?

I’ve never been good at puzzles and putting pieces together…I believe I failed that in kindergarten. Yet in kindergarten I already knew I was to be an artist and that my art was a gift to be used to do good, which I do now. I also felt called to be a nurse–hence, the energy healer that I am today. Not bad insight for a 5 year old. Now, in my early 50s it’s become much more complex and confusing. How did this happen? It all seemed so clear when I was 5 years old! There appears to be so many choices, but with road blocks, detours, steep hills and dark alleyways to get to success, peace and fulfillment in love.

I keep bringing myself back to the knowing that we are all creators of our life. I have a blank page (for me a blank canvas), that calls to me with each new day. It doesn’t matter my method of creating…writing, singing, dictating, dancing, scribbling, coloring in or outside of the lines. It’s being very sensitive and aware to the ways that I create best. It’s done with thoughts, emotions, words, actions and deeds. It’s looking at how we serve ourselves, not always others. It’s taking a deep, long hard look at who we have become and really being clear on who we prefer to be. Loving our shadow self is the only way to let our Love–our true colors–shine through. It’s sitting down with our self and a large blank sheet of paper, coming up with a goal and a plan…baby steps are fine to start with…then embracing the process. Everything happens to show us who we are, what we are capable of and to find our way back to Source.

I’m at a place in my life I never thought I would be. And it’s between laughing and crying, dancing in the rain and running under a rock, holding myself with love and worrying when I will find that perfect soul to hold me in his arms in deep love at night. I, along with you, need to look at my blank page objectively and openly, what am I creating? Can I go that deep?

Many blessings…may the harvest of this month of October be bountiful for you! Thank you for your continued loving support.


If anyone would like a reading in person for October, you can find me at the following dates/locations on my website under the tab Classes & Readings. Please note I also do Soul Drawing readings over the phone so you can be in your fuzzy slippers enjoying some hot tea as we speak to your Soul. It’s a 1 hour reading and I mail the drawing to you. (It’s such a joy to get happy mail, yes?) Please see my website for details and use the contact form to make an inquiry.


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