Voices in my Head

Many people ask me how to know when they are using their intuition-especially when it’s a voice inside their head, giving feedback and opinions whether based on facts or not. How do you know which is the “good” Angel on your shoulder, and which is the “bad” Angel?

I don’t call them good and bad…I do call them Spirit and Ego. Since one of my abilities is Clairaudience, I hear many voices all the time telling me what to do! Lately there has been one chattering non stop, with negative feedback, worry, fear and seeing the world in shades of gray. Not what I’m asking to manifest in my Life right now–so, why the surge of the voice of ego?

Ego usually arises as a response to feeling a need to protect. It arises from our interpretation of past events that left a mark on our consciousness. So, to me when my ego is acting up more, I look at it as I must be getting closer to a breakthrough. Moving into the new looks like the unknown, so to ego that is a scary place. It’s annoying though, listening to your ego on over drive! Time to put a name on this, make friends and quiet the voice of fear.

Let’s start with naming your ego. For this purpose, I’ll use Aunt Harriet (you know, after a family member that means well but always has a negative view about life and outdated advice). Now that I’ve named her, I need to take stock of her personality. Aunt Harriet believes life has to be hard and that miracles are only for a few special people-and you’re not one of them. She moans loudly that she is a failure in some main area of life and there’s no way out-she needs to be rescued, yet believes no one can help. (You get the idea). NOW: separate your beliefs from Aunt Harriet’s. Write it down on paper with two columns-yours and hers.

It will become easier to recognize Aunt Harriet’s voice from your own. You can talk to Aunt Harriet, calm her fears, tell her you love her but you’re too busy enjoying life now so you have to hang up the phone! It doesn’t mean Aunt Harriet won’t try calling back and she will try hard to be heard, aka for your own good, just like any family member who feels they know what’s best for you. It’s a lesson in knowing YOU know what’s best for you. As long as you come from clear highest intention, self love and it feels right. Emotions point us in the direction our Soul wishes to travel. Pay attention to your signs, what brings you joy and when overwhelmed, bring yourself back to present moment.

Blessings to everyone!


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