Surrender in 2017

Welcome…new year, new beginning. As we look forward to releasing last year and meditate on what we wish to bring in for 2017, be kind, courageous and patient with yourself.

A dear lady I know, Pat Parente, who talks to Angels, said she was told 2017 is about Surrender. It’s also a message that has also come up in readings I have given, and personal messages I have received. If you say “but I have surrendered, I have been doing the work”, then I must say this: surrender more. We pray and ask for assistance from our Angels and Spirit. Yet we get in the way and block the Universe’s response to our prayer and doubt what we are being guided to do.

Do you know the voice of your ego, from the voice of your Heart?

You always have free will: you can choose to surrender to your Light self or to your Shadow self. You are made of both so you cannot get away from yourself. It is when you accept this aspect as one with your being, no longer as duality, you will find more peace. And you will also be able to more consciously choose to act from your Light. Love all of yourself.

2017 is also about detaching from drama and chaos–in your Life and the world around you. Watch how your thoughts magnify and form your beliefs in your personal experience. You will be shown that you truly are a master creator of your world, and will be asked to re-examine what you are creating. If your Heart desires one experience but your ego/mind is creating another–hence, this sends a mixed signal to the Universe and creates conflict. Get clear on what you wish to experience and be open to implementing creative solutions in a new way. Be aware of your true intention in your request.

Quiet your mind, even if for mere moments at a time. Trust the small voice you hear giving you counsel. Talk to your Guides and Angels every day. Build a relationship with them, confide in them, send Love to Them. Find reasons to be grateful. And forgive, forgive, forgive.

Dear Spiritual Warriors and Visionaries, as you all are, the battle between dark and light is inside all of us. Surrender…this does not display that you are weak, but that you are the most courageous of all. Thank you for being with me on this journey, as I also learn to surrender and trust.

Have a very Joyous, Prosperous, Healthy New Year. I hope to see many of you in 2017 to be of service on your Soul’s journey!

Blessings, Donna


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2 thoughts on “Surrender in 2017

  1. Audrey Oxenhorn says:

    Great post such wise true words. Thank you.

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