About Money…

Last weekend I was asked to do readings at a music and arts festival in the Pine Barrens. I got to be a part of Steffi Main’s booth Green Goddess http://greengoddessnj.com/ and her assistant Aileen. (Two amazing ladies!)

The festival was created to honor a local man who was known as Stick Man, due to his unique, energetic healing wands and walking sticks he made from wood found in the Pine Barrens. He was a great supporter of local musicians, artists, and the community. He also was not attached to “3D thinking and living”, being known as a bit of a mystic and had insights that we need to embrace now, as we come into our New Earth way of being. I didn’t have the honor of meeting this unique Soul when he was here among the living, but everyone who spoke of him had incredible, timeless Love and respect for him.

The day of the festival started out rainy and overcast. And the energy of the day felt odd, I couldn’t place it. Well, I was going to the Pine Barrens…and anyone who is sensitive to energy and has traveled there, knows those woods are alive! You can “feel” you are being observed and that certain sections of this large area just feel off limits by the energy being emitted. I arrived and set up my table with my oracle cards and signage, wondering when the weather would give way to sunshine, as promised by the weather channel.

Things seemed off to a slow start. People trickled in and vendors murmured they hadn’t experienced such a slow amount of business at a festival in a long time. I thought, well, maybe it’s time to raise the vibration here and send some abundance symbols to help out, as I also wanted to make some profit. A strong male energy came in and I heard, “Knock it off, it’s not about the money. I Got This”, in no uncertain terms! I told Steffi, who had know Stick Man, and her eyes got wide. “That’s exactly what he would have said. He was about community, not profit.”

The message and blessing didn’t stop there. I noticed a woman who had amazing energy, hanging out near the stage with the band who was playing (Catfish Lucy-very cool http://katfishlucy.com/) Turns out this was Aileen’s friend, who was a medium. So Aileen introduces me to her friend (I wish I could remember her name!) and relayed the message I received. SHE then received a message from Stick Man for ME:

“Yes, this festival is about building community, the money comes when and how it should-don’t focus on profit. Money, at this time, is going through a transformation and it needs to come back into our reality in a different form. Strive to live without attachment to money, the “way” that we are attached to money. Live more from your intuition and Trust the Universe. For you, the money will come–not yet, but soon. You are still learning who you are…and that’s what it’s all about.” (Of course, this isn’t verbatim, but it’s the essence of the message I received. Especially that part about the money will come when I learn who I am…and the hope that it will be soon.)

I felt pretty humble and knew this was an incredible message for me. It touch me deeply and opened my eyes so I can see clearly… through the lens of my Heart. (I am so grateful this lady took the time to relay this message, and grateful to Stick Man for conveying it.)

This message was shown to me throughout the day: I bought honey from Steffi and she gave me a discount ($10, instead of $14)…I bought fries and a lemonade but was short one dollar, which the generous vendor waived ($10, instead of $11)… I had one reading near the end of the festival and made ($20). So, I made back what I spent in money, but priceless in experience. Great music, met some awesome people, the weather improved immensely, and I was given food for thought about my future and felt at peace.

Spirit will find you…even me…when you are ready to hear, ready to learn. Even at a festival, in the woods, on a perfect 80 degree August afternoon. Everything starts with you and where you are at…and you are expanding and growing, whether you see it or not. If you have (patiently) read to the end of this blog, believe me, you are being shown your shadow, your challenges, but especially–your Light. Shine on and shine bright.

“The bigger the fear…the bigger the purpose you have.”
Fear cannot root itself in TRUTH.

Wishing you peace, joy, courage and LOVE during this incredible time of transition.

Blessings Always, Donna


Here are some dates of in person readings for August:

Sapphire Holisitic Center: 20 minute readings
PSYCHIC FAIR: Saturday August 12th 1pm-5pm

Location : 316 B Main Street, Bradley Beach, NJ 07720
Contact : 732-455-2719

Unity Healing House: Soul Drawing Readings
Saturday, August 26th  12N-5pm

Location : 298 Branchport Ave, Long Branch, NJ 07740
Contact : (732) 571-5011 to reserve your spot!


Note that I can do readings over the phone, as well. See my website for information and prices. http://heartsoulintuitive.weebly.com/classes–readings.html






2 thoughts on “About Money…

  1. Patricia Parente says:

    Hi Donna, I am making my way through the material and will have some thoughts and questions. I wish you could be here tomorrow for Mika’s workshop… we’re all set up here… I have no idea how I will sleep tonight with all this energy!!!


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