September always makes me reflect on another page turning in the story of my Life, as we edge closer to the end of the year. For this year, it’s been pages that show tears and frustration of finding direction to build my new foundation, to move forward in my Life. One reflection is particularly acute. It has been about Value: my worth, my boundaries, my Truth. To be armed with personal guidance extracted from the challenges and experiences from my past, so that should I encounter this lesson in another form, moving forward I will handle it differently for a higher, positive outcome. To also not let the past be a ball and chain, keeping me from my future.

So, thoughts to build my new foundation:
• I value myself. I am a valuable contributor to the world, no matter what level of education, monetary wealth or job title I hold. To know my value, I must shine brightly and not hide under a rock.

• I value my time. I shall not sacrifice it to others due to guilt, pressure or attachment.

• I value my thoughts. I will not dwell or be influenced by negative thoughts. I will recognize what these thoughts bring up to be healed and heed the insight negative thoughts alert me to, but they will not hinder or have power over me.

• I value my feelings. I allow myself to express my feelings, as well as embrace all the feelings Life offers to me. I will not allow anyone to use my feelings to manipulate or belittle me.

• I value my goals. They empower my dreams and guide me on my journey, through the lens of my Heart.

• I value those I love. I will commit to balancing my life between work and play.

We create our reality. What do you choose to be your foundation?
What do you desire to build as your structure (self)?
What do you choose to let into your Life — what do you choose to filter out?
What does Love look like to you — what do you want Love to look like?
It all begins with you.

When we know truly who we are, our Light and all our dark places, what our Soul desires for us, and how we are of service to ourselves in our Life, then we are aware of our foundation. A solid foundation starts with accessing what you value and being open to the steps we need to make, to build it with strong awareness, trust and commitment.


Sending you each Light, that you may know your true value, your true self, your true path. You are a priceless treasure.


Tomorrow on Labor Day, Monday September 4th:
$1 a Minute Readings at Unity Healing House/Atlantic Reiki Center in Long Branch!
12 noon – 4pm   Stop by to get a reading, have some tea, say hello!

September 9th-Psychic Fair at Sapphire Holistic Center in Bradley Beach
There will be a few of us readers along with a Adrienne selling her beautiful crystals and crystal jewelry. 1pm-5pm

September 30th-Psychic Fair at at Unity Healing House/Atlantic Reiki Center in Long Branch
A few of us readers and vendors, selling crystals, jewelry and aroma therapy. Always tea, snacks and conversation as well! 1pm-5pm

October 7th: Workshop “Thriving as a Highly Sensitive Person”
Hosted by Pat Parente. $65 per person, 1-5pm   Must register.
If you feel the world around you more intensely, from emotions, to sights and sounds, have a keen ability to pick up on others’ feelings, high levels of empathy and felt out of place growing up, you may be an HSP. You may also be an Indigo or Crystal Adult. You’re not crazy, and you’re exactly what the world needs right now to create change. This workshop will assist you to understand your level of HSP and how to use it to your benefit. It will also offer tools to help you thrive and give support in a group setting. So if you suspect you are an HSP, and you’re ready to thrive while loving who you are, come join us!
Contact Pat


3 thoughts on “Value

  1. Audrey Oxenhorn says:

    Very good. Well said. Go you!!!!

  2. Vicki says:

    Your words make me smile as I begin to value me and step on the path toward an awesome future. Humans are too quick to ignore their own basic needs for themselves. Your words are a great reminder that each of us matters!

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