About Me

Hello…my name is Donna

I became aware of my gift at the age of nine, when I would have dreams that came to fruition and heard voices giving me information about people and situations, that I couldn’t possibly know about. I felt energy and spirit presences but didn’t know what it meant. My upbringing was Italian/Irish Catholic–this was not a topic for exploring or discussing with family, especially since my parents actually dismissed psychics and healers as delusional people. Yet here I was on my journey and as I got older, I couldn’t deny who I was and the inner calling that I was to use my abilities to help others.

What is the question from your Heart? What would you like to hear from your Soul?
My specialty is tapping into your Heart (authentic true self), as well as listening to your Soul (universal truth/Life message). I offer card readings utilizing numerology, as well as long distance energy healing. I also can read from photos and do animal communication. Most readings and healings can be conducted over the phone, from the comfort of your home. All sessions are conducted professionally and with the highest intention from Spirit and Love without judgement. My readings are direct and honest.

I am also a professional illustrator and graphic designer. I have been guided to combine my intuition and artistic abilities to do Soul Drawings. Utilizing your birth date, your photo and your Soul question, I then “talk” to your Soul (and sometimes your Guide/Angel, as well join in) and get a “message” for you. I combine this message with a custom drawing of the vision I am shown, which is filled with your Soul Energy Vibration. Illustrations are done on 11×14 bristol art board in professional colored pencil. The energy and message contained in these drawings are to serve you on your journey in this Lifetime. Please see the page contained in this website explaining more about having a Soul Drawing session.

I have also taught meditation and intuition classes and I am also an ordained minister. I have been assisting in guiding and healing others professionally since 2006.


  • Clairaudient, Clairvoyant
  • Empathic
  • Magnified Healing
  • Signature Cell Healing
  • Light Body Intergration Healing
  • Synthesis Healing
  • Reiki Master–Usui Shiki Ryoho
  • Ordained Universal/All Faith Minister-Order of Melchizedek, Sanctuary of the Beloved, NY

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