September always makes me reflect on another page turning in the story of my Life, as we edge closer to the end of the year. For this year, it’s been pages that show tears and frustration of finding direction to build my new foundation, to move forward in my Life. One reflection is particularly acute. It has been about Value: my worth, my boundaries, my Truth. To be armed with personal guidance extracted from the challenges and experiences from my past, so that should I encounter this lesson in another form, moving forward I will handle it differently for a higher, positive outcome. To also not let the past be a ball and chain, keeping me from my future.

So, thoughts to build my new foundation:
• I value myself. I am a valuable contributor to the world, no matter what level of education, monetary wealth or job title I hold. To know my value, I must shine brightly and not hide under a rock.

• I value my time. I shall not sacrifice it to others due to guilt, pressure or attachment.

• I value my thoughts. I will not dwell or be influenced by negative thoughts. I will recognize what these thoughts bring up to be healed and heed the insight negative thoughts alert me to, but they will not hinder or have power over me.

• I value my feelings. I allow myself to express my feelings, as well as embrace all the feelings Life offers to me. I will not allow anyone to use my feelings to manipulate or belittle me.

• I value my goals. They empower my dreams and guide me on my journey, through the lens of my Heart.

• I value those I love. I will commit to balancing my life between work and play.

We create our reality. What do you choose to be your foundation?
What do you desire to build as your structure (self)?
What do you choose to let into your Life — what do you choose to filter out?
What does Love look like to you — what do you want Love to look like?
It all begins with you.

When we know truly who we are, our Light and all our dark places, what our Soul desires for us, and how we are of service to ourselves in our Life, then we are aware of our foundation. A solid foundation starts with accessing what you value and being open to the steps we need to make, to build it with strong awareness, trust and commitment.


Sending you each Light, that you may know your true value, your true self, your true path. You are a priceless treasure.


Tomorrow on Labor Day, Monday September 4th:
$1 a Minute Readings at Unity Healing House/Atlantic Reiki Center in Long Branch!
12 noon – 4pm   Stop by to get a reading, have some tea, say hello!

September 9th-Psychic Fair at Sapphire Holistic Center in Bradley Beach
There will be a few of us readers along with a Adrienne selling her beautiful crystals and crystal jewelry. 1pm-5pm

September 30th-Psychic Fair at at Unity Healing House/Atlantic Reiki Center in Long Branch
A few of us readers and vendors, selling crystals, jewelry and aroma therapy. Always tea, snacks and conversation as well! 1pm-5pm

October 7th: Workshop “Thriving as a Highly Sensitive Person”
Hosted by Pat Parente. $65 per person, 1-5pm   Must register.
If you feel the world around you more intensely, from emotions, to sights and sounds, have a keen ability to pick up on others’ feelings, high levels of empathy and felt out of place growing up, you may be an HSP. You may also be an Indigo or Crystal Adult. You’re not crazy, and you’re exactly what the world needs right now to create change. This workshop will assist you to understand your level of HSP and how to use it to your benefit. It will also offer tools to help you thrive and give support in a group setting. So if you suspect you are an HSP, and you’re ready to thrive while loving who you are, come join us!
Contact Pat


Eclipse Message

Happy Friday, everyone.

This is sort of a special edition, with the historic total solar eclipse we are a part of on Monday. Last night I attended a spiritual support group hosted  Ray Sette. I would like to share some of the info he provided so that we can harness the manifestation energy of the eclipse, as well as the messages coming through me to share with you.

Monday’s celestial event is a powerful opening for manifestation. Pay careful attention to thoughts, desires and activities that support—or detract—from your desires. What you put into motion on this day will be energetically unfolding for the next three months. We are being required to be clear on what we wish to manifest and experience in our lives. We are also being called to look at what it is we need to release on a deep level, to allow for transformation to take root.

People tend to worry “I don’t want to make a mistake or get this wrong.” The Universe responds to emotions and feelings. So you don’t need to get so specific as to “a romantic partner that has brown eyes, lives 20 minutes from me and loves dogs” to send a request/vibration for Love. Instead, what do you want to experience? To feel in your next relationship? “I request to experience genuine Love with a lifetime partner, who is a perfect fit, in perfect positive flow with my true highest self and creates abundant joy in my Life.” Or need “a new job with less hours, more pay, a better manager”…you can try “an exciting new career where I experience respect, balance, abundant prosperity, support and security, this or better!” It’s great to have details, goals and create roadmaps, as they help us formulate what we truly want to create. We just need to not get caught up or stuck on those details, and let the Universe lead the way. Spirit many times has an even better suggestion for our creation than we can imagine!

The concept is to set intention, asking clearly for what you want. To pay attention to negative self talk, watch our interactions with negative people and situations, and stay as positive as possible on August 21st, so we can set in motion to manifest more positive and better experiences.

It’s interesting how people who aren’t interested in metaphysics or astrology, are still drawn to the magnificence of experiencing a total eclipse. This event effects us all, whether we are conscious of the shift or not. And note the symbolism of the total eclipse. When we meditate, many of us see or hear messages, colors, or images. We may experience flying, floating or alternate dimensions. But if we seek to go to the realm of the Abyss: nothingness, we can experience our most profound transformations. To turn off the chatter of the mind, not seek validation from visions and words, and sit in complete stillness and darkness, we have found our true essence and connection with Source (all that is).

And from darkness, we go to the Light, as the sun starts to peek thru from behind the Moon (our emotions), illuminating our world again.

Use the energy of this magical day wisely to manifest your desired change. Watch your intentions (do not come from fear, desperation or hate, as examples). Feel it…what do you wish to create for yourself?

Remember also, that you are a master creator with the Universe. So if you create something you don’t want, you can change that creation any time! Change is the constant flow of Life, and also a gift for us to partake of.

One more request…let’s remember to ask to create healing and Love for Mother Earth, during the eclipse energy. She and all of her living beings need this at this time. Know that chaos is needed for change…but we can help bring it in with more flow and in gentler form.

Eclipse time NJ:
Start approx: 1:20pm     Peak approx: 2:40pm     Concludes approx: 4pm
Do not look directly at the eclipse. Use NASA certified protective glasses.

Thank you…many blessings!

About Money…

Last weekend I was asked to do readings at a music and arts festival in the Pine Barrens. I got to be a part of Steffi Main’s booth Green Goddess and her assistant Aileen. (Two amazing ladies!)

The festival was created to honor a local man who was known as Stick Man, due to his unique, energetic healing wands and walking sticks he made from wood found in the Pine Barrens. He was a great supporter of local musicians, artists, and the community. He also was not attached to “3D thinking and living”, being known as a bit of a mystic and had insights that we need to embrace now, as we come into our New Earth way of being. I didn’t have the honor of meeting this unique Soul when he was here among the living, but everyone who spoke of him had incredible, timeless Love and respect for him.

The day of the festival started out rainy and overcast. And the energy of the day felt odd, I couldn’t place it. Well, I was going to the Pine Barrens…and anyone who is sensitive to energy and has traveled there, knows those woods are alive! You can “feel” you are being observed and that certain sections of this large area just feel off limits by the energy being emitted. I arrived and set up my table with my oracle cards and signage, wondering when the weather would give way to sunshine, as promised by the weather channel.

Things seemed off to a slow start. People trickled in and vendors murmured they hadn’t experienced such a slow amount of business at a festival in a long time. I thought, well, maybe it’s time to raise the vibration here and send some abundance symbols to help out, as I also wanted to make some profit. A strong male energy came in and I heard, “Knock it off, it’s not about the money. I Got This”, in no uncertain terms! I told Steffi, who had know Stick Man, and her eyes got wide. “That’s exactly what he would have said. He was about community, not profit.”

The message and blessing didn’t stop there. I noticed a woman who had amazing energy, hanging out near the stage with the band who was playing (Catfish Lucy-very cool Turns out this was Aileen’s friend, who was a medium. So Aileen introduces me to her friend (I wish I could remember her name!) and relayed the message I received. SHE then received a message from Stick Man for ME:

“Yes, this festival is about building community, the money comes when and how it should-don’t focus on profit. Money, at this time, is going through a transformation and it needs to come back into our reality in a different form. Strive to live without attachment to money, the “way” that we are attached to money. Live more from your intuition and Trust the Universe. For you, the money will come–not yet, but soon. You are still learning who you are…and that’s what it’s all about.” (Of course, this isn’t verbatim, but it’s the essence of the message I received. Especially that part about the money will come when I learn who I am…and the hope that it will be soon.)

I felt pretty humble and knew this was an incredible message for me. It touch me deeply and opened my eyes so I can see clearly… through the lens of my Heart. (I am so grateful this lady took the time to relay this message, and grateful to Stick Man for conveying it.)

This message was shown to me throughout the day: I bought honey from Steffi and she gave me a discount ($10, instead of $14)…I bought fries and a lemonade but was short one dollar, which the generous vendor waived ($10, instead of $11)… I had one reading near the end of the festival and made ($20). So, I made back what I spent in money, but priceless in experience. Great music, met some awesome people, the weather improved immensely, and I was given food for thought about my future and felt at peace.

Spirit will find you…even me…when you are ready to hear, ready to learn. Even at a festival, in the woods, on a perfect 80 degree August afternoon. Everything starts with you and where you are at…and you are expanding and growing, whether you see it or not. If you have (patiently) read to the end of this blog, believe me, you are being shown your shadow, your challenges, but especially–your Light. Shine on and shine bright.

“The bigger the fear…the bigger the purpose you have.”
Fear cannot root itself in TRUTH.

Wishing you peace, joy, courage and LOVE during this incredible time of transition.

Blessings Always, Donna


Here are some dates of in person readings for August:

Sapphire Holisitic Center: 20 minute readings
PSYCHIC FAIR: Saturday August 12th 1pm-5pm

Location : 316 B Main Street, Bradley Beach, NJ 07720
Contact : 732-455-2719

Unity Healing House: Soul Drawing Readings
Saturday, August 26th  12N-5pm

Location : 298 Branchport Ave, Long Branch, NJ 07740
Contact : (732) 571-5011 to reserve your spot!

Note that I can do readings over the phone, as well. See my website for information and prices.–readings.html

The Glad Game

Not many people know I watch the old movies in black and white on cable tv. I stumbled upon the channel featuring these moving pictures of a time portraying a time that seemed much more glamorous, and sometimes more wholesome and innocent.

One movie I watched was Pollyanna. It’s about a very young girl whose parents were missionaries, so her upbringing was simple, about being “good” and doing what’s “right”. Pollyanna becomes an orphan and goes to live with a wealthy beautiful aunt who never married or had children. Though she is given a cramped room in the attic, even though her aunt has so many other empty rooms on the main floor, and Pollyanna is made to work with the servants so as not be a nuisance, she is grateful and positive in spite of all the challenges.

Matter of fact, one Sunday after church, the servant staff of her aunt’s house were preparing the large weekly Sunday dinner for the gathering of  guests (who came mostly because they wanted financial favors from the aunt). The staff was commenting with anger and disgust about how this rich aunt even took over the Sunday services because of her financial influence and told the preacher what to say and how to say it–a lot of hail and brimstone. Pollyanna kept interjecting with positive quips and advice her papa used to give her in such matters. This made some of the staff members even more ticked off–“ok, miss goody two shoes, why are you always so positive all the time? Don’t you see what this situation is about?”

Pollyanna then told everyone to play the Glad Game. Her papa used to tell her, that no matter what happens, you can always find something positive in every situation. “Ok, hot shot–what silver lining do you see in this?” Pollyanna thought hard for a few moments, then said, “You have six more days before it’s Sunday again.” Everyone laughed and the mood turned a little brighter. It may have seemed like a stretch to find something good, but there it was…something to be glad about.

I am learning to play this game when…I have to visit a negative family member…when the bills come…when my health is low…when I feel lost on making decisions…when I wish I had a date for an event…when I can hear my loud neighbors late at night and I really need to sleep. It’s a place to start…to begin to change my experience and shift my energy from sad or mad…to Glad. One…step…closer…each…time.

As stated so beautifully in Book 4 Awaken the Species by Neale Donald Walsch:
Express Gratitude…This is the most powerful tool you could be given. Gratitude can be a selected energy, and not merely an automated response. When one actively chooses to be grateful for everything presenting itself in one’s Life (and I do mean everything), it sets up an energetic signature that washes over and impacts the energy of whatever is now arising. This can transmogrify (defined as: “To transform, especially in a surprising or magical manner”) the presentation itself — to say nothing of one’s entire Life.

In a time where so much uncertainty, chaos, heartache and confusion is prevalent, it’s a tall order to embrace ALL of this and be GRATEFUL for it. If we choose to do it in simple steps, a little at a time and play the Glad Game, we can learn to see more parts to the puzzle, another message to the drama, a different perspective and call to action. We learn to find our own focus instead of the view of the situation the other group dynamics are showing us. We can more clearly choose how we wish to see and feel. We can also learn to ask Why…for when we ask the Universe “Why”, it must be answered.

May I again express gratitude to each of you for being with me on this journey. As we reflect on the message of Independence, Freedom and look within our own hearts and beyond, to the call for justice and compassion around the world, let’s begin with Gratitude for all we have and all we are experiencing. It releases the chains we place upon ourselves and invites in Hope. Let us ask simple and direct to the heavens “Why” and have Faith we will receive an answer that we cannot miss, we cannot ignore. And to begin practicing Love, by beginning with ourselves. For when you Love yourself, it becomes easier to Love it all.

Namaste, Donna


For July I will be doing in person readings at the following dates and locations:
Saturday July 8th-Sapphire Holistic Center, Bradley Beach NJ 12:30pm-5pm Walk ins welcome, reservations suggested

Saturday June 15th-Aquarian Sun, Lincoln Park, NJ 10am-2pm
Soul Drawings:Must reserve your spot
Saturday July 22nd-Unity Healing House Grand Opening!
12n-5pm Long Branch, NJ (Readers, vendors, door prizes-beautiful new center!)
Walk ins welcome! Come browse and stay awhile

Saturday, June 29th-Sapphire Holistic Center, Bradley Beach NJ Soul Drawings 10:30pm-5pm
Must reserve your spot






Solar Plexus: Personal Power

SolarPlexus.pngWelcome June!
We are so ready to embrace bright, sunny days…cool ocean breezes…outdoor festivals and starry nights with the sounds of crickets. Summer finally arrives : )

How perfect to look at our next chakra: the Solar Plexus. This is the “fire in the belly” the old saying is referring to. It’s element is fire and its energy is characterized by transmutation and heat. This chakra is where we get our “gut instincts” that signal us what to do when we need guidance.

Color: Yellow

Located: Midway between the navel and base of sternum

Characteristics associated with the Solar Plexus chakra are: power and the intellect, personal strength, comprehension, self esteem, will power, mental awareness, personal responsibility, making decisions, beliefs, clarity of decisions, independence, harmonious relationship with your surroundings, self discipline.

When in balance, you can experience: healthy self esteem, respect for others, calmness, initiative, feel friendly, joyful and confident. You live a deeply fulfilling emotional life, you feel daring, confident and able to take risks. This chakra is associated with the leader, the explorer and the charismatic individual.

When your Solar Plexus is out of balance, you may experience: low self confidence, have concerns about what others think of you, depression, confusion, bodily manifestations such as digestive, liver and respiratory problems, excessive control or authority over your environment and people, feelings of helplessness, irresponsibility, obsessed with minute details, being manipulative, lack of purpose or ambition, lack of clear direction.

Your Solar Plexus is activated:

  • anytime you muster the courage to do something that scares you
  • anytime you speak up for yourself
  • anytime you exert your willpower and self-control

You will acquire self-mastery – the ability to master your thoughts and emotions, overcome any fear and take appropriate action in any situation.

Ways to strengthen your Solar Plexus:

• Awaken lost curiosities; develop your photographic memory, do puzzles, pick up an old hobby.

• Regenerate your sense of smell, use aromatherapy extract oils like rosemary, grapefruit and orange.
• Wear a gold bracelet or necklace, or carry with you yellow gemstones like Amber or Topaz.

• Find the time to be outdoors and bask in the yellow energy of the sun.

Essential oils:
Chamomile, bergamot, cedarwood, rosemary are amongst the most popular soothing oils

Recommended Crystals:
Citrine, tiger’s eye, yellow tourmaline.

Examples of stones that will work simultaneously on the heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra: Peridot, Serpentine, Gaspeite, Vesuvianite also known as Idocrase, Sphene, Hiddenite, Green Prehnite and Green Chrysoprase.

I hope this was of some help! Wishing you an amazing summer. Hope I get to see some of you at events I’ll be attending or be of service to you with a phone reading. Thank you for your support and for being on this amazing journey with me!


Sapphire Holistic Center:
I will be attending their psychic fair on Saturday June 10th 1pm-5pm and doing Soul Drawing readings Saturday June 24th 10am-4pm

Unity Healing House: Saturday June 17th
Come to our OPEN HOUSE at our new location! Still on Branchport Ave., just across the street in a bigger space so we can offer more services and expand our community. I will be doing readings along with Sharon O’Brien and their will be plenty of vendors!

And of course, some very inspiring, insightful information to share:

Sacral Center: Emotions


Hello to the month of May!

This is the month of Life starting to bloom, reflection on maternal energy, nurturing, dreaming, planning and the feminine. How appropiate the next chakra center to review is the Sacral Center.

Location of our Sacral Chakra: Lower abdomen, about 2 inches below the navel and 2 inches in.

Color: Orange, music note D 417 hz
Related Herbs: Coriander (Coriandrum Sativum) and Fennel (Foeniculum Vulgare)
Related Incense: Orris Root, Gardenia, Damiana
Related Glands: Gonads
Vowel sound: o (home)
Sense: Taste
Mantra Chant: VAM
Mudras (hand gesture): Sakthi Mundra

Crystals: Carnelian, coral, gold, calcite, amber, citrine, gold topaz, peach aventurine and moonstone

Represented by the element of water, this chakra is the source of creativity, inspiration, pleasure, sense of well being, sense of abundance and the foundation of our emotional body. It influences our ability to feel emotions and controls our ability to release our emotions. Also considered the relationship chakra, it represents our ability to relate to other people. The challenge of the Sacral chakra to interact “consciously” with others and to allow the creative flow of Life to guide and shape our experience.

Positive (strengths) of Sacral Chakra: Balance of independence and dependence, deeply connected relationships, empowering choices, imagination, creativity, feel healthy, friendly, focus on our objectives, empathy, tolerance, patience, intuition, energy, success, secure, nurturing of self as well as others.

Unbalanced Sacral Chakra: feeling unworthy, unloved, guilt, shame, easily overwhelmed, overly sensitive, shy, immobilized by fear, excess food, sex, additions, impotence, frigid, self centered, overly ambitious, untrusting, confused, aimless, lack of intimate relationships, isolated, clingy, manipulative, being controlled by others, fears of losing control, caught up in illusions.

Healing the Sacral Chakra

Affirmations: start by writing down the ones you feel called to do. Place this paper where you can see your affirmations often and repeat in your mind and out loud. Here are some sample affirmations I found for healing this chakra:

  • I know that life always supports me and takes care of me
  • I welcome the comfort of others in times of need
  • I am lovable and I am loved
  • I welcome intimacy as one of life’s greatest pleasures
  • Comforting another human being is one of the kindest things
  • I trust the process of life

Essential Oils: Bergamont, Cardamon, Clary Sage, Jasmine, Orange, Rosemary, Rosewood, Sandalwood, Ylang-Ylang

Other aids can be: laughter, play more, light contact sports, massage, outings with friends, yoga, meditation.

Use a few of the options listed here, or what your intuition guides you towards, to heal and align this energy center to encourage a more open, healthy, confident, connected, successful you with more ease and joy.

As always, this lesson is just in time for me as well! I am humbled and grateful for your support and company on this journey we call Life. Wishing you peace, Love, joy and abundant miracles!

Blessings, Donna


So happy I will be doing readings twice this month at the Unity Healing House.
On May 20th and 29th. Please stop by!

As some of you know, I believe in the energy of Water to assist us. One of the ways I was guided to helps others use Water for their highest healing is by creating Intention Energizers, which uses the energy of crystals, Reiki, sound, color, imagery and Angel essences. I was pleasantly surprised to see in this video that Doreen Virtue also endorses the practice of energizing Water to assist us daily!

Also saw this helpful article about Soulmates and Life Partners. This goes along with the Sacral center, as many of our relationship guidance and issues have a connection to this chakra:



Root Cause

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 12.53.11 PM

Happy April Fools Day everyone!

I haven’t written in awhile because I was waiting to see what Spirit wanted me to write. Well, it came today as I was clearing cards for tomorrow’s readings. As always, what I share with you, I also relate to, so this is for both of us!

Over the course of the next few months, we will be examining the chakras. Today I got the message several times, we deeply need to examine our Root chakra, which means looking at “root cause” for what we are creating in our lives at this time.

Root Chakra, Base Chakra, Kundalini chakra: associated with the 4th ray and the lesson of Harmony through Conflict. Words associated with this energy center are support, safety, and grounding. Here is where we create the foundation for expansion in our Life. It reflects our basic needs, physical aspects of our self, sexuality, and financial safety–anchoring our energy into abundant manifestation. Our Root center is located at the genitals on the front of the body and base of the spine.

When imbalanced you may be experiencing: excessive negativity, eating disorders, be sexually manipulative, domineering, greed, illusion, restlessness, anger, excessive insecurity, anxiety, impulsiveness, feeling stuck, constantly in survival mode and other behaviors ruled mainly by fear.

This chakra was influenced by relationships in our early life between 0-7 years old. (Yes, it could be influenced you when you were in your mother’s womb. Babies do feel whatever the mother is experiencing.)

Some health issues associated with the Root Chakra are: joint pain, lower backache, obesity, anorexia, elimination problems, poor immune system, sleep disorders, fatique and poor circulation.

There are simple methods for healing this energy center. Create a daily practice in earth related activities. Such as gardening, walking or hiking, being in nature, hugging a tree : ), healthy cooking, dancing (sing along and you also help your throat chakra!), long soak with bath salts, yoga (I hear kundalini yoga has accelerated healing for some of my clients), and meditation.

Know that the Root chakra reflects back to you where you need change in your Life. Whether that change is in your career, your relationships, your environment, your beliefs and attitudes (I can’t…I don’t feel good enough…I lack resources…I lack support…). You need to do some serious self nurturing and stand in your power, take back your Life. You are God’s greatest miracle, remember? You can do so much more than you realize…you are loved and supported by the Angels and all of Heaven more than you know.

Trust in the changing times. The Universe has a Plan B that is being put into the place. New ways of doing, thinking, living are being revealed…new ideas, careers, relationships are being created. A new you in this New Earth is becoming reality. Allow for growth, allow for change. Everyone’s path is different and it doesn’t need to make sense to anyone…except YOU.

So today, find time to nurture your body, mind and spirit. Through movement, meditation, healthy nutrition, expressing gratitude for yourself as you are part of God’s plan. We are in this together, I assure you! May you experience clarity, guidance, flow, peace, joy, wellness, abundant success, security and especially…Love.

Humbly yours, Donna


I will be doing Soul Drawing readings tomorrow in Plainsboro. I believe there are 2 slots left. If you would like to participate, please use this link today to reserve your spot:

Join me and Sharon O’Brien in Long Branch for a day of mini readings on Earth Day April 22 at the Unity Healing House! They always have hot tea and treats, plenty of conversation and always a great vendor with beautiful trinkets for sale:

Root Chakra Meditation:

Find Your Truth: