Surrender in 2017

Welcome…new year, new beginning. As we look forward to releasing last year and meditate on what we wish to bring in for 2017, be kind, courageous and patient with yourself.

A dear lady I know, Pat Parente, who talks to Angels, said she was told 2017 is about Surrender. It’s also a message that has also come up in readings I have given, and personal messages I have received. If you say “but I have surrendered, I have been doing the work”, then I must say this: surrender more. We pray and ask for assistance from our Angels and Spirit. Yet we get in the way and block the Universe’s response to our prayer and doubt what we are being guided to do.

Do you know the voice of your ego, from the voice of your Heart?

You always have free will: you can choose to surrender to your Light self or to your Shadow self. You are made of both so you cannot get away from yourself. It is when you accept this aspect as one with your being, no longer as duality, you will find more peace. And you will also be able to more consciously choose to act from your Light. Love all of yourself.

2017 is also about detaching from drama and chaos–in your Life and the world around you. Watch how your thoughts magnify and form your beliefs in your personal experience. You will be shown that you truly are a master creator of your world, and will be asked to re-examine what you are creating. If your Heart desires one experience but your ego/mind is creating another–hence, this sends a mixed signal to the Universe and creates conflict. Get clear on what you wish to experience and be open to implementing creative solutions in a new way. Be aware of your true intention in your request.

Quiet your mind, even if for mere moments at a time. Trust the small voice you hear giving you counsel. Talk to your Guides and Angels every day. Build a relationship with them, confide in them, send Love to Them. Find reasons to be grateful. And forgive, forgive, forgive.

Dear Spiritual Warriors and Visionaries, as you all are, the battle between dark and light is inside all of us. Surrender…this does not display that you are weak, but that you are the most courageous of all. Thank you for being with me on this journey, as I also learn to surrender and trust.

Have a very Joyous, Prosperous, Healthy New Year. I hope to see many of you in 2017 to be of service on your Soul’s journey!

Blessings, Donna


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God’s Gifts

It’s December…and it’s the season of Gift Giving. It’s promoted everywhere…advertisements about what gifts to buy for your family and kids, gifts to exchange with friends, gifting in many forms to various charities, gifting of time to nursing homes, shelters and soup kitchens. It’s a great feeling to give and receive a gift. Especially…the perfect gift, just the ticket that someone you care about really needs or wouldn’t get for their self.

I was guided to randomly look at YouTube videos about near death experiences and came upon a video that really gave me the ah-ha of what to write this month’s blog about. Watch this video:

God has infinite gifts for all of us. We come into this world with many gifts, many unique qualities and abilities. And it doesn’t stop there…God has more gifts than Santa and his elves could generate in a lifetime–all for just asking. Ask–and it shall be Given. And then–we need to receive.

What gifts do you have? What gifts would you like to receive? What will you do upon receiving these gifts?

We are all gifted with the ability to create change, to become masters of our destiny and to experience great Love and Peace. I also am learning what more I can do with my gifts, how I block my own progress and how to take accountability for what I do with the bounty the Universe has bestowed on me. December, the month of Light, is a great time to reflect and seek direction for the new year ahead.

So, create your list for the Universe and check it twice. Ask and Believe…the magic is real! May you unwrap many gifts, of your highest dreams and true calling of your Heart, all year long. Happy, happy holidays…thank you all, always, for your love and support. You are a Gift for touching my Life!

Blessings, Donna


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Voices in my Head

Many people ask me how to know when they are using their intuition-especially when it’s a voice inside their head, giving feedback and opinions whether based on facts or not. How do you know which is the “good” Angel on your shoulder, and which is the “bad” Angel?

I don’t call them good and bad…I do call them Spirit and Ego. Since one of my abilities is Clairaudience, I hear many voices all the time telling me what to do! Lately there has been one chattering non stop, with negative feedback, worry, fear and seeing the world in shades of gray. Not what I’m asking to manifest in my Life right now–so, why the surge of the voice of ego?

Ego usually arises as a response to feeling a need to protect. It arises from our interpretation of past events that left a mark on our consciousness. So, to me when my ego is acting up more, I look at it as I must be getting closer to a breakthrough. Moving into the new looks like the unknown, so to ego that is a scary place. It’s annoying though, listening to your ego on over drive! Time to put a name on this, make friends and quiet the voice of fear.

Let’s start with naming your ego. For this purpose, I’ll use Aunt Harriet (you know, after a family member that means well but always has a negative view about life and outdated advice). Now that I’ve named her, I need to take stock of her personality. Aunt Harriet believes life has to be hard and that miracles are only for a few special people-and you’re not one of them. She moans loudly that she is a failure in some main area of life and there’s no way out-she needs to be rescued, yet believes no one can help. (You get the idea). NOW: separate your beliefs from Aunt Harriet’s. Write it down on paper with two columns-yours and hers.

It will become easier to recognize Aunt Harriet’s voice from your own. You can talk to Aunt Harriet, calm her fears, tell her you love her but you’re too busy enjoying life now so you have to hang up the phone! It doesn’t mean Aunt Harriet won’t try calling back and she will try hard to be heard, aka for your own good, just like any family member who feels they know what’s best for you. It’s a lesson in knowing YOU know what’s best for you. As long as you come from clear highest intention, self love and it feels right. Emotions point us in the direction our Soul wishes to travel. Pay attention to your signs, what brings you joy and when overwhelmed, bring yourself back to present moment.

Blessings to everyone!


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The Blank Page

We were all a blank page once in the eye of the Creator. Our Creator filled us with star dust from the Milky Way, some Fairy dust from several large meadows, fire from the Sun and Air from the bluest skies. Then Creator set us each with intentions for each lifetime: learn to nurture another by becoming a mother, learn the value of freedom by becoming a soldier, uncover the secrets of the earth by becoming a scientist, be amazed at the power of numbers by becoming an accountant…and so on… And then the important purposes we were created for: have the passion and insight to always seek your personal truth, become keen in seeing what is real and what is an illusion, learn what is love and what is not, value yourself and know your worth, show compassion to yourself and others, stand in your personal power with integrity and self love, see Me in all things…in all moments…know yourself and love yourself, so that you may know Me and my deep pure love for you.

Then we were born into this life, set with intentions, set with our missions, armed with our heart and our intuition, which are always connected back to the womb of the Universe. Our Creator only wrote the first page of our Book of Life. The rest has been given to us to create as we please. So, the question now is…how am I doing?

I’ve never been good at puzzles and putting pieces together…I believe I failed that in kindergarten. Yet in kindergarten I already knew I was to be an artist and that my art was a gift to be used to do good, which I do now. I also felt called to be a nurse–hence, the energy healer that I am today. Not bad insight for a 5 year old. Now, in my early 50s it’s become much more complex and confusing. How did this happen? It all seemed so clear when I was 5 years old! There appears to be so many choices, but with road blocks, detours, steep hills and dark alleyways to get to success, peace and fulfillment in love.

I keep bringing myself back to the knowing that we are all creators of our life. I have a blank page (for me a blank canvas), that calls to me with each new day. It doesn’t matter my method of creating…writing, singing, dictating, dancing, scribbling, coloring in or outside of the lines. It’s being very sensitive and aware to the ways that I create best. It’s done with thoughts, emotions, words, actions and deeds. It’s looking at how we serve ourselves, not always others. It’s taking a deep, long hard look at who we have become and really being clear on who we prefer to be. Loving our shadow self is the only way to let our Love–our true colors–shine through. It’s sitting down with our self and a large blank sheet of paper, coming up with a goal and a plan…baby steps are fine to start with…then embracing the process. Everything happens to show us who we are, what we are capable of and to find our way back to Source.

I’m at a place in my life I never thought I would be. And it’s between laughing and crying, dancing in the rain and running under a rock, holding myself with love and worrying when I will find that perfect soul to hold me in his arms in deep love at night. I, along with you, need to look at my blank page objectively and openly, what am I creating? Can I go that deep?

Many blessings…may the harvest of this month of October be bountiful for you! Thank you for your continued loving support.


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No More Fear Soup







What if…..

I’m not good enough…I’m not qualified enough…not pretty enough…not thin enough…not strong enough…not rich enough…not smart enough…not creative enough…original enough…what if I’m not lovable…fun enough?…will ever be happy enough…what if I never meet the One Love for this Lifetime?…what happens if I stay stuck in negative patterns?…how can I get rid of this dark cloud following me?…what if no matter how hard I try I don’t heal my heart?…what if I grow old alone?…if I miss that grand opening of opportunity in my Life and it passes me by?…what if I don’t recognize an Angel if I see one?…what if my parents never really wanted me to come into this world?…what if following my dreams I lose it all?

False Evidence Appearing Real

What if…

I’m better than good enough…my skills are an exact fit for an awesome new opportunity…I’m stronger and more courageous than ever…I receive recognition for being original and creative…I forgive myself and fully heal my mind, body and heart…that I open to Love as a possibility for me and I don’t have to settle…that I truly Love myself and can have healthy, supportive, loving relationships with others…that I do have clarity and can trust my intuition to guide me…that the Universe supports me always and brings a continuous flow of opportunities for my Lifetime…I was meant to be here and I make a difference in the world…that my Life and Soul are filled with joyful experiences…I feel fulfilled by enjoying being with me…that I see an Angel every time I look in the mirror and into the eyes of each Soul that I meet…that I follow my dreams and can have it all and beyond my wildest imagination?

Reality is an interesting mirror of beliefs, lessons, needs, and growth. As we continue to learn how we create our reality and actively participate, we begin to learn what we truly wish to experience and how to obtain it. There’s our perception of our reality and the bigger picture of our reality. Start with finding your truth, feeling it in your Heart then seeing it in your daydreams. Notice what you are focusing on: such as instead of purely manifesting money perhaps focus on manifesting abundant prosperity and more value in your Life. And set that intention out to the cosmos as if you have already received it “I am experiencing abundant prosperity and value in my Life”. Remember to express and see gratitude in the present moment. And check in that your intentions are not filled with the energy of desperation or fear. Keep it as clear as possible. Trust the Universe will support you and allow for the time and process to occur. It may show itself in small steps at first, but you will get your signs that manifesting is occurring.

Does this mean don’t get angry at God? Don’t cry? No time for questioning “why me”? We are human after all. Yes, Spirit understands your frustration. Anger expressed constructively can be a forward moving energy. Tears need to fall sometimes as we all need to release. And by all means, ask questions–seek answers. It’s knowing that during the dark night of the Soul, which many people see themselves in right now, that you are still in your power, you are still supported and there are still endless possibilities. It’s working with what you’ve got right now-to succeed the best you can in this moment. To build up your reserve of joy and give yourself moments of relief as much as you can. Cultivate hope and faith in yourself-never give up on you.

I believe in you-and your dreams. Thank you to all for your support and belief in me. Sending you blessings for an awesome new beginning to all who are seeking.


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Human Spirituality


Sitting with arms open, legs crossed and the deep chant of OM…the scent of incense, the feeling of Lightness and Joy, deep Peace and connection to the Divine…feeling fully present and filled with Love for the whole world…everything in my Life is as it should be and I am in awe of my path in alignment with the Universe…

Yep, that’s a snippet of the image some of us have of a spiritual person in alignment with their spiritual journey. That everything else is just a sign how off the path we are, how out of touch with the Divine we are…and how much we just suck at being a spiritual person, right?

Not everyone gets to be a guru, sitting on a mountainside apart from the world, giving profound insight about G_d and how we should be living to gain eternal enlightenment. The gurus may be here to bring insights of the Divine to our world, but the rest of us are the ones making Life happen. What does it look like to you, to be Spiritual, as you are, in the present moment?

Enlightenment looks different for everyone. It is sought for differently by everyone. It arrives differently for everyone. We are ALL on the path to enlightenment–we are ALL spiritual. No exceptions. That’s an important fact to remember, when your neighbor is cutting their grass at 8am on Sunday. Or your boss barely grunts a good morning response to you, no matter how many times you cheerfully say it to him : )  It’s a human response wanting to scream choice four letter words over the fence or to daydream outshining your boss and getting his job. Call that being spiritual? Key point: you are a spiritual being having a human experience. That’s why we are here. To create, to experience, so that we expand and seek the divine.

So it’s not about “how hard” you work to be spiritual (you may even be trying too hard), nor how many rituals or prayers you say or the number of books you read, or how many retreats you attend that make you more connected to your Soul. Of course, keep growing, keep praying, keep learning. But also learn about BEING and BECOMING AUTHENTICALLY YOU. YOUR BEST SELF. Discover who you truly are and love yourself as you. It’s about shining your Light everyday in a million little ways (and that is good enough, when it’s all you can do, right now)…it’s being kind to yourself, forgiving of yourself and having faith in yourself. Honor your human spirit and your story, which you are creating every day. (What are you “writing” with your thoughts, words and actions?) Acknowledge that others are also creating their story. Share your stories. It will help you to embrace and understand each other. It will help you to better support each other and see the Divine Spirit in each other, even on a “bad hair” day.

Ask yourself, “How do I see myself as Divine?” Are your Divine goals kind and supportive to you, and others? Are you open to your Divine connection? Do you have faith in yourself as Divine and allow this energy to flow, as is, while accepting your human qualities?

Where can you begin?

REIKI PRINCIPALS: Just for today, do not anger…Just for today do not worry…Just for today honor your parents, teachers and elders…Just for today earn your living honestly…Just for today show gratitude to every living thing.

Take it one day at a time, one step at a time and aspire to Human Spirituality, which is the Divine Spirit you already are!

Many Blessings,



An Archangel Michael Prayer For Guidance, Protection & Support




Happy Independence Day! It’s the Heart of summer…embracing sunshine, finding relief from the heat, looking to connect with friends and being a part of a crowd attending community celebrations. So, how do you define freedom for you?

For me, it’s finding freedom from the attachments and beliefs that have held me back for too long. It’s forgiving myself for past mistakes, seeing failures as lessons, being open to learning who I am and having faith I am guided to what I need to do and authentic about who I am–all parts of myself. That I am worthy of the best Life has to offer–and it is already here. I also still engage in the process of forgiving others…my last boyfriend for cheating, my parent for being absent at trying times when growing up, a friend who let me down and some friends who are no longer in my Life without a good bye and though I know it’s because we are in different places and we no longer serve each other…it can still feel like a hole that hasn’t yet closed. (Such a good lesson in learning to accept, detach and go with Life’s flow.)

Many of us have lived with guilt, others expectations of us, a loved ones concept of what’s best for us…and it stops us from our full potential. Many of us have too high expectations of ourselves, impossible expectations of others we “love”, illusions and excuses for relationships that aren’t healthy or for our highest good…because deep inside we believe no one else will love us, or letting go means we failed and once again find ourselves alone. We build our excuses, write our stories, build our cages around ourselves. Is that freedom to be? Is that living? Are we our true self?

Life is about creating our experience…so what are you creating? It’s about learning who we really are…so who are you, truly? We need to discern our personal consciousness from the global consciousness. Change and true freedom begin from within. When you know clearly what you want, accept clearly who you are and can come from the freedom to be YOU, then whatever does not conform to your platform will fade so that new and more fitting people, places and situations can come in. There is a leap of Faith being called for here. Trusting it will be freeing to be in your truth…to love who you are as you are. BE (action) the change you wish to see…when you are in alignment with your truth, your world will change accordingly. It may take time to grow roots–but it will be set in motion.

So, please see how you let outside beliefs and influences keep you from your freedom to be. See how you CAN make positive changes to yourself and your Life. (Small steps to start are fine!) Note how you may create well-intended cages for others in your Life you care about–but keep someone from their freedom to find their own path. Recognize how you may be letting others drain you of your energy and Heart by taking on their drama and challenges as your own, when the best support you can give is what can bring you balance…if you’re not in balance for yourself, how can you be balance for someone else? Only they can discover their true self and what is best for them. You can give support and guidance, love without judgement…but not take on their problems. You have every right to be in freedom…which is joy, truth, ease, peace and calm.

I wish for you the FREEDOM to create joyful change in your Life, to be authentic in your TRUTH and to LOVE yourself and all aspects of your world. You are powerful…a drop of water in a pond goes quite far. Thank you and I honor you! Have a blessed weekend honoring positive change…let freedom ring!

Blessings, Donna