The Glad Game

Not many people know I watch the old movies in black and white on cable tv. I stumbled upon the channel featuring these moving pictures of a time portraying a time that seemed much more glamorous, and sometimes more wholesome and innocent.

One movie I watched was Pollyanna. It’s about a very young girl whose parents were missionaries, so her upbringing was simple, about being “good” and doing what’s “right”. Pollyanna becomes an orphan and goes to live with a wealthy beautiful aunt who never married or had children. Though she is given a cramped room in the attic, even though her aunt has so many other empty rooms on the main floor, and Pollyanna is made to work with the servants so as not be a nuisance, she is grateful and positive in spite of all the challenges.

Matter of fact, one Sunday after church, the servant staff of her aunt’s house were preparing the large weekly Sunday dinner for the gathering of  guests (who came mostly because they wanted financial favors from the aunt). The staff was commenting with anger and disgust about how this rich aunt even took over the Sunday services because of her financial influence and told the preacher what to say and how to say it–a lot of hail and brimstone. Pollyanna kept interjecting with positive quips and advice her papa used to give her in such matters. This made some of the staff members even more ticked off–“ok, miss goody two shoes, why are you always so positive all the time? Don’t you see what this situation is about?”

Pollyanna then told everyone to play the Glad Game. Her papa used to tell her, that no matter what happens, you can always find something positive in every situation. “Ok, hot shot–what silver lining do you see in this?” Pollyanna thought hard for a few moments, then said, “You have six more days before it’s Sunday again.” Everyone laughed and the mood turned a little brighter. It may have seemed like a stretch to find something good, but there it was…something to be glad about.

I am learning to play this game when…I have to visit a negative family member…when the bills come…when my health is low…when I feel lost on making decisions…when I wish I had a date for an event…when I can hear my loud neighbors late at night and I really need to sleep. It’s a place to start…to begin to change my experience and shift my energy from sad or mad…to Glad. One…step…closer…each…time.

As stated so beautifully in Book 4 Awaken the Species by Neale Donald Walsch:
Express Gratitude…This is the most powerful tool you could be given. Gratitude can be a selected energy, and not merely an automated response. When one actively chooses to be grateful for everything presenting itself in one’s Life (and I do mean everything), it sets up an energetic signature that washes over and impacts the energy of whatever is now arising. This can transmogrify (defined as: “To transform, especially in a surprising or magical manner”) the presentation itself — to say nothing of one’s entire Life.

In a time where so much uncertainty, chaos, heartache and confusion is prevalent, it’s a tall order to embrace ALL of this and be GRATEFUL for it. If we choose to do it in simple steps, a little at a time and play the Glad Game, we can learn to see more parts to the puzzle, another message to the drama, a different perspective and call to action. We learn to find our own focus instead of the view of the situation the other group dynamics are showing us. We can more clearly choose how we wish to see and feel. We can also learn to ask Why…for when we ask the Universe “Why”, it must be answered.

May I again express gratitude to each of you for being with me on this journey. As we reflect on the message of Independence, Freedom and look within our own hearts and beyond, to the call for justice and compassion around the world, let’s begin with Gratitude for all we have and all we are experiencing. It releases the chains we place upon ourselves and invites in Hope. Let us ask simple and direct to the heavens “Why” and have Faith we will receive an answer that we cannot miss, we cannot ignore. And to begin practicing Love, by beginning with ourselves. For when you Love yourself, it becomes easier to Love it all.

Namaste, Donna


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2 thoughts on “The Glad Game

  1. Kelly Battersby says:

    Thanks Donna, that was great! I regularly express gratitude and always try to see the positive side…right now, I’m grateful for your monthly inspirational words of wisdom!! Thanks so much!! Hope all is well!! 👏🙏😇🌈

    Sent from my iPhone

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